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    Role: Artiba
    Director: Jonathan Bernstein
    Writer: Robert Reale & Willie Reale
    Venue: Williamstown Theatre Festival | Adams Memorial Theatre, 1000 Main Street, Williamstown, MA (413/597-3400)
    Schedule: July 22, 1999 – July 31, 1999
    Other Cast: Allison Kate Cherkis, John Hickok
    Quark Victory centers around a teenage girl named Samantha (Jessica Boevers) who takes an amazing journey into the nucleus of an atom. “When I read the script, I saw a lot of things that I’d learned in high school about electrons, protons and neutrons,” says Karen Ziemba, who plays Samantha’s mom Penelope. “But some of the stuff I had not read about — quarks and neutrinos and some of the other physics terms. I actually learned a lot from reading the script.”

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