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    Majority House Whip Francis Underwood takes you on a long journey as he exacts his vengeance on those he feels wronged him – that is, his own cabinet members including the President of the United States himself. Dashing, cunning, methodical and vicious, Frank Underwood along with his equally manipulative yet ambiguous wife, Claire take Washington by storm through climbing the hierarchical ladder to power in this Americanized recreation of the BBC series of the same name.

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    Season Two (expand to see guide)

    2.03: Chapter 16

    directed by: James Foley written by: Bill Cain Air Date: February 14, 2014

    As President Walker crafts his State of the Union address, Raymond Tusk reluctantly agrees to postpone resumption of trade negotiations with China, and Frank negotiates a bipartisan agreement with Senate Majority Leader Hector Mendoza on a compromise over reform of public entitlements and retirement age, to avoid a government shutdown. The Senate Republicans renege on the agreement, attempt to avoid a quorum and then filibuster, but Frank thwarts both moves and secures passage of the bill. Doug Stamper requests his FBI contact to run a sting operation on Lucas Goodwin, who is contacted by a hacker Gavin Orsay, claiming to be able to retrieve Zoe’s phone records. Rachel Posner contacts her mother and then reaches out to a religious stranger, Lisa Williams, despite Stamper’s instruction to speak to no one.

    2.04: Chapter 17

    directed by: James Foley written by: Laura Eason Air Date: February 14, 2014

    The Underwoods prepare for their first media interview, and Frank works to secure votes in the House for an amendment to entitlements. Donald Blythe, who previously was burnt by the late changes in the education bill, opposes the entitlement amendment in principle. Frank and Blythe become quarantined inside the Capitol due to receipt of a package containing suspicious white powder. Interviewed alone, Claire is pressured into revealing she once had an abortion, and then lies that the pregnancy was a result of her much earlier rape by General Dalton McGinnis. Her account is supported by a woman who claims she also was assaulted by him in the army. Jackie Sharp and Remy Danton lobby for votes to avoid the government shutdown, both revealing negotiating skills unexpected by the other. Gavin Orsay is revealed to be facing federal charges for his association with a hacktivist group, and is reluctantly informing for the FBI as part of a plea bargain. Frank and Claire once again enjoy a smoke at their window, and Frank sings the murder ballad “Pretty Polly” for her.

    2.05: Chapter 18

    directed by: John Coles written by: Kenneth Lin Air Date: February 14, 2014

    While attending a Civil War reenactment, Frank holds back-channel negotiations with Xander Feng – a billionaire unofficial Chinese diplomat working with Raymond Tusk to build a refinery for rare earth elements in Beijing – over construction of a bridge over Long Island Sound. Frank discovers Feng and Tusk are manipulating a trade summit in Washington using a U.S. lawsuit against China at the WTO to benefit their business and strengthen their influence with the Chinese government. Frank acts to drop the lawsuit against Feng’s request and falsely accuses Feng of double-dealing, driving a wedge between Tusk and President Walker. Feng refuses to build the bridge, and President Walker finally withdraws the U.S. delegation from the trade summit, risking an international trade war to maintain his leadership. Claire enlists support from First Lady Tricia Walker, to advocate with military officials for more protection against sexual assault in the armed forces. An alleged media consultant, Seth Grayson learns that Claire Underwood’s abortion is not related to her rape, and leverages it to replace Connor Ellis as the Underwoods’ Press Secretary. Lucas Goodwin visits an AT&T data center allegedly to write an article on cyber security, and he surreptitiously inserts a USB flash drive into a data server to provide access to Gavin Orsay. His tour guides reveal themselves to be undercover FBI agents, and arrest him.

    2.10: Chapter 23

    directed by: Robin Wright written by: Laura Eason and Beau Willimon Air Date: February 14, 2014

    President Walker responds to a Chinese blockade of a Japanese island, to prevent military action. At the Underwood residence, Secret Service agents apprehend a bomber who confesses that Claire’s pro-abortion public confession influenced his wife to abort their child. Seth Grayson leaks information to Ayla Sayyad linking Raymond Tusk to Daniel Lanigan’s casino, confirming her suspicions that Tusk is using laundered money to influence Congress. Ayla publishes the story, causing a huge stir in national media. President Walker consults the White House Counsel but eventually appoints a special prosecutor to clear the White House of involvement. Based on her military service, Jackie Sharp attempts to alter the proposed sexual assault legislation but Claire refuses to negotiate. Seth learns of Remy Denton’s relationship with Jackie, leading Frank to believe that Jackie’s opposition to the legislation is another attack from Tusk. Frank berates Jackie and suggests that Remy is playing her. Frank chooses Seth Gayson’s strategy despite Doug’s protest; he informs Doug that Doug’s rivalry with Seth is affecting his work. Miserable, Doug permits Rachel Posner to allow Lisa Williams to stay with her. The Underwoods appreciate Meechum’s loyalty and share an informal drink with him. The code Lucas Goodwin inserted into AT&T’s data server enables Gavin Orsay to track Doug’s movements.

    2.11: Chapter 24

    directed by: John Coles written by: John Mankiewicz and Beau Willimon Air Date: February 14, 2014

    Frank stonewalls Heather Dunbar, the special prosecutor leading the corruption investigation, but when she reveals a photograph of Doug Stamper at Daniel Lanigan’s casino along with proof of his trip to China, Frank is forced to confirm his back-channelling effort with Xander Feng. Frank appears to cooperate by submitting his and President Walker’s official travel logs. Daniel Lanigan accuses Remy Denton of making him a patsy to save Raymond Tusk. Remy tries to pressure Jackie Sharp to falsely implicate Frank in the scandal but she refuses to be manipulated. Unsure of which side will win, Remy offers Frank reduced attacks in return for Frank’s influence should Raymond Tusk lose. Tricia Walker withdraws her support for the sexual assault legislation, so Claire encourages Megan Hennessey to go public with her story. Frank returns home to a drunk Claire and Edward Meechum, and joins them in a threesome. Doug mends his relationship with Seth Grayson. Doug struggles with his obsession with Rachel Posner, and sees her in bed with Lisa Williams. Dunbar finds President Walker’s marriage counseling sessions in his travel logs.

    2.12: Chapter 25

    directed by: James Foley written by: Beau Willimon Air Date: February 14, 2014

    President Walker accuses Frank of engineering his downfall, and breaks off all contact with him. Frank convinces Catherine Durant and Heather Dunbar to obtain Xander Feng’s testimony by offering him diplomatic immunity and political asylum. This forces President Walker to waive the therapist-patient privilege with Reverend Larkin. Heather Dunbar discovers Larkin was coached by the White House to withhold that he prescribed medication to President Walker, which further weakens President Walker’s position. Seth Grayson reveals to Raymond Tusk that Remy Denton offered to rejoin Frank’s team. Tusk is subpoenaed but he invokes the Fifth Amendment, confident he will get a presidential pardon. Megan Hennessey publicly derides Jackie Sharp for opposing the sexual assault legislation. Jackie publicly derides Claire, who then withdraws the sexual assault legislation, destroying Megan’s composure. Doug Stamper forces Rachel Posner to break up with Lisa Williams and evict her. Gavin Orsay blackmails the FBI for his freedom and other conditions. The Underwoods convince Jackie to guide President Walker’s impeachment, for the best interest of the Party.

    2.13: Chapter 26

    directed by: James Foley written by: Beau Willimon Air Date: February 14, 2014

    President Walker requests Raymond Tusk to implicate Frank in the money laundering scheme, in return for a pardon. Frank makes the same request, in return for an assurance to restore trade relations with China. Claire attempts to console Megan Hennessey, but she is pushed away by the newly broken girl. Gavin Orsay informs Doug Stamper that he knows about Rachel Posner, and pressures him for protection. Doug relocates Rachel, but terrified, she leaps out of his car and then beats him unconscious in the woods. In a risky gesture of fake loyalty, Frank sends President Walker a signed admission of sole responsibility for the scandal. President Walker requests Frank to produce results by whipping votes to stave off his impeachment, but Frank drives the opposite vote. President Walker revokes his offer to pardon Tusk, who then implicates him in the scandal, and is arrested. President Walker’s approval rating drops to 8% and The House votes to pursue his impeachment, which forces him to resign. He parts with Frank on good terms, unconvinced of Frank’s treachery. Frank is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. He swiftly restores trade relations with China by extraditing Xander Feng to face corruption charges in China. Claire gifts Frank a copy of his class ring, which he previously buried at the Civil War memorial. He enters the Oval Office, puts on the ring and triumphantly double knocks on the desk, in his signature style.

    Season Three (expand to see guide)

    3.01: Chapter 27

    directed by: John David Coles written by: Beau Willimon Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Frank Underwood, newly-inaugurated President of the United States, visits his father’s grave in rural South Carolina to maintain a public appearance of respect for his father, only to privately urinate on it out of spite. Doug Stamper, beaten up in the woods, is found by a stranger. He had sustained injuries to his frontal lobe requiring extensive surgery and care; he makes a slow and painful recovery. Remy Danton has since then been filling in as Underwood’s White House Chief of Staff. Frank also enlists Donald Blythe as his Vice President. In Frank’s first six months of office, he is labeled by the press as being no better than Walker, “lacking effectiveness and leadership.” In an effort to show some form of progress by his administration, Frank pushes for a jobs program called “America Works” (or “AmWorks” for short). Gavin Orsay has accepted working for the FBI despite not wanting to work for the people who had been oppressing him. Stamper asks for his help in locating Rachel Posner, who is still missing after assaulting Stamper in the woods and stealing his car. Meanwhile, Claire Underwood has set her sights on becoming the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Frank orders a drone airstrike that successfully takes out a foreign target. Stamper finally gives in to the pain from his injuries and has a prostitute squirt bourbon into his mouth from a syringe, thus breaking his sobriety.

    3.03: Chapter 29

    directed by: Tucker Gates written by: Frank Pugliese Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Protesters surround the White House as Frank prepares to meet with Viktor Petrov, the President of the Russian Federation, before a summit meeting. Frank proposes to Petrov in jointly providing protection to Israel which Petrov declines immediately after arriving. Catherine Durant and Claire (now United Nations Ambassador due to a recess appointment) also work on persuading Petrov to accept. That night, there is a state dinner where members of Pussy Riot give an insulting toast to Petrov before rudely leaving. Petrov flirts with Claire all night eventually kissing her. While Frank and Petrov smoke a cigar in a basement, Durant and Claire have a playful game of beer pong. Claire expresses to Durant her distrust of Petrov. Meanwhile, Petrov wants the entire European missile defense gone in return for sending Russian troops to Israel. Even when Frank presents a compromise, Petrov still declines, so Frank ends the deal. Claire and Durant make plans on bypassing Russia’s veto in the United Nations Security Council (based on a precedent) so they can still send troops to Israel.

    3.04: Chapter 30

    directed by: Tucker Gates written by: Laura Eason Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Heather Dunbar defends the government in a Supreme Court case regarding a soldier who was unintentionally injured (losing both his legs) in the drone airstrike Frank ordered. Claire presents the Israeli resolution to the UN Security Council which fails since Russia, who is a permanent member, voted against it, as Claire expected. One of the Supreme Court Justices, Jacobs, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is thinking about retiring. Earlier, Frank had recommended him to stay on as long as possible. But having no other grounds to deter Dunbar from being the Democratic candidate for 2016, he offers her Jacobs’ seat and she accepts. Gavin continues to discreetly help Stamper find Rachel through his job at the FBI, but is nearly caught when he exceeds the bandwidth of the server. Since Stamper cannot provide any leads to help find her, Gavin suggests that he get to know Rachel’s ex, Lisa Williams, himself. Russian authorities arrest Michael Corrigan, a gay rights activist, which is seen to be retaliation for the UN Israeli resolution. Seth Grayson takes away Ayla Sayyad’s credentials as White House Press after embarrassing the President at a press conference. Dunbar removes herself from consideration for the Supreme Court and officially announces her candidacy for President. Sensing that Frank is pushing him away, Stamper offers to work for Dunbar and her campaign. Seeing the soldier who was injured in the airstrike’s unwillingness to forgive him, making him more merciful towards Jacobs thus motivating Dunbar to run, Frank struggles with what justice really is and seeks religious guidance on the matter. He has a tense discussion with a bishop about power, God’s love, forgiveness, and revenge. Frank asks to be left alone in the church to pray. Once alone, he proceeds to verbally reject Jesus and spit on the crucifix behind the altar. When he tries to wipe the spit away, the crucifix falls and shatters.

    3.06: Chapter 32

    directed by: James Foley written by: Melissa James Gibson Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Frank and Claire fly to Moscow for negotiations and Corrigan. While setting up a booth for the church fellowship, Lisa starts asking Gavin (under the alias “Max”) about his past and offering help, but he has an emotional breakdown and leaves her. Claire visits Corrigan in prison telling him that they negotiated the terms of his release which include him giving a statement of apology to Russia for his unlawful actions. Corrigan refuses to give it and forgo his freedom unless Russia changes their laws discriminating against homosexuals. Meanwhile Petrov is also unwilling to release Corrigan or make any deals with the U.S. unless Corrigan makes the approved statement. Claire stays with Corrigan in his cell until he and Petrov can come to agreeable terms. At the suggestion of Lisa, Gavin goes to a local clinic to get tested for sexual diseases and asks Lisa to meet him there. Even though he tests negative, he lies to Lisa saying he tested positive to get her to open up about telling him informational leads to Rachel. Petrov privately admits to Frank that he does not like or believe in the laws Corrigan is protesting either, because they affect his nephew and several members of his Cabinet, but he has to uphold them for the sake of tradition and respect of the Russian people. Over dinner, Corrigan confides to Claire that his marriage has fallen apart but he cannot divorce since it would reflect poorly on the cause he is fighting for; he suggests that Claire’s marriage is similar. Frank and Petrov agree upon a statement which Frank would make and they make a compromise for the UN resolution. While Claire sleeps for awhile, Corrigan hangs himself in the cell which clearly disturbs Claire. At a press conference, Claire is allowed to speak before moving on to Petrov and Frank announcing the agreements they had worked on. Because of an earlier conversation with Corrigan resounding with her, Claire instead condemns Russia’s laws and storms out of the press conference with a confused Frank following. As a result of her actions, Petrov calls off all the agreements that he and Frank had worked on. On the return flight, Frank and Claire argue over the matter.

    2.07: Chapter 33

    directed by: John Dahl written by: Beau Willimon Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Frank and Claire renew their marriage vows in Gaffney. One month earlier, tensions between the two following the botched Moscow visit worsen. Back in Washington, Claire vows to get the Jordan Valley peacekeeping resolution through the UN General Assembly, which is being hampered by Israeli interference. Tibetan Buddhist monks arrive as part of a cultural exchange; they begin to construct an intricate sand mandala within the White House. Republicans in Congress threaten to amend the Stafford Act to prevent the appropriation of FEMA funds to the America Works project. Frank accuses Claire of “recoiling” during a photo portrait shoot; the pair’s situation continues to deteriorate. A month ahead, Frank and Thomas Yates visit Frank’s childhood home, now the site of a quarry; the two became fast friends following a late-night drinking session in the White House residence. Gavin and Stamper meet, Gavin having located Rachel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Stamper, still obsessed with Rachel, rendezvouses with his physical therapist, who soon leaves town. At the White House, Frank issues a firm statement in support of America Works on the anniversary of the New Deal. He visits the FDR Memorial and is impacted by the fact that the statues of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt are separated by a large stone wall. He shares this fact with Claire back in the residence and gives her authority to promise aid money to Zimbabwe, thereby enabling the peace resolution to pass the General Assembly in spite of Israel’s opposition. The two begin to heal their relationship. Back in Gaffney, Frank and Yates visit the Underwoods’ home. Yates reveals that he is not the true author of his first successful novel, but took all the credit for it. In return, Frank reveals to him that he never felt he was good enough for Claire. The Tibetan monks complete and destroy their sand mandala, a picture of which Frank gives to Claire, along with a note: “Nothing is forever—except us”. Claire returns to Frank’s bedroom in the White House residence, and the two fall asleep, embracing each other.

    3.09: Chapter 35

    directed by: Robin Wright written by: John Mankiewicz Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Yates and Baldwin continue their liaison as Frank begins to campaign in Iowa. While issuing a rousing speech in support of America Works, Frank is informed that eight Russians have been killed in the Jordan Valley. He cuts the rally short and promptly returns to Washington. Remy and Jackie Sharp meet, their former relationship continuing to haunt the pair. Gavin tells Doug he has discovered that Rachel is dead; Doug, distressed, relapses completely and spends the night drinking. The situation in the Jordan Valley takes a turn for the worse—Israel wants to publicly blame Palestine for the attack, and masses troops near the valley. Russian President Petrov blames the death of Russian soldiers on the United States, and refuses Underwood’s offer of assistance in determining the cause of the soldiers’ deaths. Claire meets with Ambassador Moryakov, who implies to her that the Russian FSB was behind the deaths; the explosion was an attempt by Petrov to sabotage the entire peacekeeping mission, which he opposed from the start. As a result, and in spite of questionable risks, the President approves a mission that will send U.S. operatives to the site of the blast to determine its cause. Remy, shaken by a run-in with police after being pulled over in D.C., visits Jackie’s apartment building; she tells him that she will always be there for him, as a friend. Doug goes to the White House to inform Frank of Rachel’s apparent death. Doug tells Frank that he is drunk, and breaks down in the Oval Office. Frank sends him home, with Meechum to keep an eye on him. Frank places the blame for Doug’s relapse on Heather Dunbar (who Doug had been working for), and threatens her. In the Situation Room, he watches the special operation in the Jordan Valley unfold; it fails, and the mission is aborted. Petrov calls Frank, informing him that footage of the operation has been leaked to the Israelis. Frank, enraged, hangs up—the entire Jordan Valley operation is now in danger.

    3.10: Chapter 36

    directed by: Agnieszka Holland written by: Frank Pugliese Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Claire tries to negotiate a de-escalation between Israelis and Palestinians, while Israel institutes a no-fly zone. Frank gets confronted about the Jordan Valley mission while campaigning. He wants Jackie to postpone the debate until the Jordan Valley crisis is over. Jackie has doubts about the presidential run, while her husband encourages her. Stamper asks for his brother’s family to visit. Yates reaches out to Tim Corbet to learn more about Frank’s past, and asks Claire to meet to hear her part of the story. Alexi Moryakov has been recalled by Moscow. Frank decides to meet Petrov in Jordan Valley, as he needs a fast resolution of the crisis or his chance of winning in Iowa are jeopardized. He tells Claire her peace plan is dead. Petrov demands to both dismantle the peacekeeping mission and to make concessions on missile defense, knowing Frank’s position is weak. He also demands that Claire should be removed as the ambassador, bragging about how easily he manipulated her into believing Petrov was behind the explosion. Frank has no choice but to comply. He admits to Claire meeting Petrov was a mistake. Gavin visits Lisa at home and admits his deceptions to her, telling her he is leaving and giving her Stamper’s contact in case FBI comes looking for him. He leaves her his guinea pig. Frank meets Yates for late night drinks. Yates reminisces about his past as a male prostitute. They share an intimate moment when Frank seems to be attracted to Yates but then sends him home. Claire is asked to change her image to help Frank’s campaign. She agrees to do what she has to do.

    3.11: Chapter 37

    directed by: Agnieszka Holland written by: Melissa James Gibson Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Claire campaigns on Frank’s behalf. Frank prepares for the debate ahead, and Jackie is uncomfortable with Frank’s debate strategy, but ultimately agrees to do what Frank wants. Yates tries to talk to Claire but she repeatedly declines. Gavin admits to Stamper that Rachel is not dead and offers to provide her location in exchange for the freedom for Gavin’s friend. Stamper is tempted to get drunk again but manages to stop himself. His brother goes back home. Jackie proposes Dunbar to join forces against Underwood, but Dunbar refuses to promise any position to Jackie and the deal falls through. On the debate, Jackie attacks Dunbar along the lines prescribed by Frank. Frank, however, brings Jackie’s family into the debate. Jackie is very upset, but it makes Frank the winner of the debate. Jackie confronts Frank about the debate but Frank forcefully refuses to make any concessions. Yates finally manages to have a conversation with Claire while she donates blood. She tells him she re-evaluates her marriage with Frank every seven years and she hates the loss of freedom. She passes out and Yates calls Frank. Remy talks to Frank about Jackie’s concerns, but Frank ignores them. Jackie drops out and endorses Dunbar for president, after which Remy resigns too. Frank changes his schedule to join Claire on the campaign.

    3.13: Chapter 39

    directed by: James Foley written by: Beau Willimon Air Date: February 27, 2015

    Rachel is shown working in a pub and in a store. She buys a set of documents for the identity of Cassie Lockhart. Stamper flies to Caracas, locates Gavin and forces him to reveal Rachel’s location. After the day of campaigning together, Claire asks Frank for rough sex but Frank can not do it. He sends her back to Washington. Claire wants to go for a run, but she is told that would highlight the fact she’s not in Iowa with Frank. She takes the rowing machine out of storage instead. Stamper buys a van, supplies and stalks Rachel, then grabs her as she exits the house at night. Rachel says she is sorry for what she did to him. Claire invites Yates to talk. Rachel pleads with Stamper asking him to let her go, because Rachel is already dead and she is Cassie now. Stamper reconsiders and lets her go, driving away. But then he realizes he can not take the risk and returns; he is later seen burying her in the desert. Frank Underwood wins the Iowa vote. Claire has not arrived though and Frank has to make the victory speech alone. Claire complains to Frank that she does not feel as equal in their partnership. Frank responds that without him she is nothing and insists that she will do her job as First Lady. The next morning, she refuses to go to New Hampshire on Air Force One and tells Frank she is leaving him.

    Additional Information (production, filming locations, etc)

    Filming took place in Maryland, USA.

    Soundtrack: 2.03

  • In Your Hands
    Hillsong Live
  • Shape We Made
    Peggy Sue
  • Soundtrack: 2.04

  • Pretty Polly
  • Soundtrack: 2.05

  • Pushin’ On (feat. Alice Russell)
    The Quantic Soul Orchestra
  • Soundtrack: 2.11

  • To Be King
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 2.12

  • Sajtban
    Venetian Snares
  • Soundtrack: 3.01

  • Every Intention
    Jeff Beal
  • Don’t Break a Promise
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.03

  • Birth of the Blues
    Sammy Davis Jr.
  • Don’t Cry Genocide
    Pussy Riot & Le Tigre
  • Korobeiniki (Korobelniki)
    Alexandrov Red Army Choir
  • Soundtrack: 3.04

  • Amazing grace
  • Soundtrack: 3.06

  • Make Him Suffer
    Jeff Beal
  • He Was Brave
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.07

  • Dance, Dance, Dance
    Lykke Li
  • He’ll Help me along the way
    Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC
  • Heat Wave
    Jeff Beal
  • Marriage And Mandalas
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.09

  • Looking For the Magic
    Dwight Twilley Band
  • Losing Rachel
    Jeff Beal
  • Not a Chauffeur
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.10

  • Roll Call
    Jeff Beal
  • Not a Chauffeur
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.11

  • Not a Chauffeur
    Jeff Beal
  • Losing Rachel
    Jeff Beal
  • Stamper’s Grief
    Jeff Beal
  • I Didn’t Jump
    Jeff Beal
  • Soundtrack: 3.13

  • The Sun Is Shining Down
    JJ Grey & Mofro
  • Suavemente
    Elvis Crespo
  • Lloraras
    Oscar D’León
  • Vámonos Pal Monte
    Eddie Palmieri
  • Stamper’s Grief
    Jeff Beal
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