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March 9, 2017

GQ Style sat down with Jimmi at the Chill Suits photoshoot and asked him about what was in his pockets. Check out the video below to see his reply. His segment starts at around 0:24 if you want to skip directly to that you can click here to go directly to the youtube video at that specific time. Jimmi is seen wearing the outfit from the photoshoot, which is detailed in the interview he had with GQ Style here. I have added screen captures from the video to our photo archive, those can be found in this album. The video has been archived in our video archive as well, which can be found here. And in case you missed it, the interview is archived in our press archive here, the magazine scan is in our photo archive here and the photoshoot can be found in our photo archive here. If you cannot watch it on youtube (below), you can watch it at their site here.

For the spring issue of GQ Style, we asked 24 guys (and girls) to stop by our studio in New York to prove that the suit—usually the strict purview of business men and stuffy politicians—is not dead, it’s just… relaxed a little. While this far-flung crew of actors, musicians, and models were all in one place, we figured we might as well ask them about the little things they won’t leave the house without, whether home is Atlanta, LA, Detroit, or Brooklyn. Here, watch Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Jimmi Simpson, and more show us their everyday carry in our second installment of “What’s in Your Pockets?”

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